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General Child Care-

Blue Line has been supporting child care centers, preschools, daycares, before and after school programs, kid’s camps and more to meet their staffing needs. If you are looking for Child care staff for

  • Early Childhood home Assistance
  • Assistant in after School Activity
  • Supervising Child when Parents are not at home
  • Pick & Drop for Montessori Children & Toddlers.
  • Light Meal cooking for children
  • Assistance for regular child care task such as dressing, toilet assistance, bathing, feeding ect.

Baby Care Taker


Blue line HCS can help you increase care from 8 to 10 to 24 hours of care. Even at Any time (24 hours) of baby care, there are different level of care a family might required.

  • One caregiver each day: They work a full 16-hour day, with breaks, followed by 8 hours sleep in the client’s home. Sleep is required for care taker too as per client given task scheduling.
  • Two caregivers each day: They work in 10 hour shifts. The evening caregiver mostly stays awake through the night depends on baby over all health staus or activity status.
  • Hourly based Care: We can provide minimum 3 hrs part time care based on availability mostly after 11 am or best possible time depending upon Care-giver schedule.

We Offer Two Types Of Baby Care Help

Basic care (Baby care taker/ Toddler Care taker)

  • Looking after Single baby or Toddler
  • Disable Child Basic Home Health care
  • Assisting Mother or Family in Child Care

Premium care (Baby Care taker/ Toddler Care taker)

  • Basic Care in addition to home care
  • Twin’s Baby Care
  • Basic Care in addition to driving
  • Basic Care in addition to home care in other vicinity
  • Carrying Babies regularly to hospital (PT treatment or other)
  • School transport assistance for longer distance
  • Disable Child Advance Home Health care

Paediatric Ill case-

Assist with activities of daily living (ADLs)

  • Dressing and grooming
  • Bathing and personal hygiene
  • Toileting and continence
  • Ostomy and catheter hygiene
  • Transferring Eating

Eligibility is determined by medical necessity Examples

  • Poorly controlled seizures (other than grand mal)
  • Incontinence of bowel and/or bladder after age three (chronic bedwetting)
  • Significant CNS damage affecting motor control
  • Assistance with age-appropriate activities of daily living (children developmental delay or intellectual disability)
  • Transferring Eating

Nanny care-

Nannies benefits

  • Give children a sense of stability so they can grow, learn, and develop
  • work around a family’s schedule
  • Greater flexibility for your own schedule.
  • Nanny Types:
    • Custodial Care: Role is limited to meeting the physical and emotional needs of children during their parents’ absence.
    • Coordinated Care: role is to be a team player in raising the children.
    • Surrogate Care: Role is to be the primary caregiver for the children similar to guardian.

Toddler care-

  • Taking care of the toddler in presence & absence of parents.
  • Helping the school going kids with post-school tasks.
  • Manage the nutrient intake of the kids as suggested by parents.
  • Playing games with the kids which are appropriate for their age.
  • Maintaining a positive, healthy & hygienic environment in the absence of parents.
  • Reading them stories, nursery rhymes if requested by parents.